This project was a product of perseverance. 

I wanted to combine various things I’m passionate about into one photo series. Fashion, vintage film, architecture, and vibrant colors. This edit started as a simple overlay with a triangle.

(I decided to use simple geometric shapes to represent architecture.) After duplicating the triangle I realized that it created a W. It was an unintentional change that ended up being a perfect fit. This is partially because my name begins with a W, and also because it felt like a new beginning of the kind of work that I want to produce from now on. Photos that set me apart from the norm and challenge me to think creatively. 

My crisp and colorful editorial style was blended with black and white. I emphasized this contrast by filling certain sections of the shapes with color and others without, along with heavy film grain. A lot of the fine details may be hard to see online, but I believe that the emotion of these choices is still evoked by the images. 

Another reason why this project means so much to me is because of the hardships that I overcame to produce it. During the time that these images were taken, I had recently undergone a knee surgery and was actively going to physical therapy. At each shoot, I would be on crutches or walking with a cane. The pain was intense and at times I wanted to put off the project entirely, but I persevered and finished the shoots. With each edit I completed I felt empowered and excited to release my work to the world. These moments were a reminder that I can do anything that I put my mind to.

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